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Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. For this OS every day dozens and not very useful applications to evaluate and test which now not only on your tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to the Bluestacks emulator, it is now possible to start applications on the PC that is running Mac OS and Windows. The program is easy to use and does not require special skills. Her work is in the “plug and play”. Before download Bluestacks for computer, lets take a deeper look at the features of this app player.

Features and functionality of the emulator Bluestacks

List the features of Android simulator on PC:

  • The ability to run most Android apps on a PC (there is support for many 3D games).
  • The program contains pre-installed apps.
  • Support utilities ADB (Android Debug Bridge).
  • In Bluestacks you can synchronize the applications installed on your mobile device with PC.
  • App player supports such stores as: Amazon Appstore, Google Play and the AMD AppZone.
  • With the help of a program to access the file system (root rights).
  • Virtual emulation SD card.

BlueStacks App Player for pc

The main advantages of the emulator

Download bluestack on the computer, the user receives a unique opportunity to run different applications and play your favorite games on the PC.
List the main advantages of the program:

  • Implemented full-screen mode apk applications.
  • The program is optimized to run on slower computers (does not apply to demanding on hardware 3D games).
  • High performance emulation applications.
  • A software product is actively being improved by the developer company.
  • Vivid and multilingual interface.
  • Easy to install the program and run Android apps.

Disadvantages App player

After downloading the Bluestacks program, install it on your computer and perform the first launch, the user learns rather unpleasant news – app player is a shareware product. For the use of the emulator will have to pay for a year at $ 24. As an alternative, the developer offers to help the company through the installation of sponsored apps.
Here are the main cons of the emulator:

  • The program implements the algorithm of tracking user activity.
  • To run resource-intensive Android applications will need a video card equipped with 512 Mb VRAM.
  • The program is built on closed source code.


How to install app on computer

First we need to download Android simulator for PC Windows 7, 8, or 10. Then run the installation file and follow all the required instructions for successful installation of the software on a PC (this feature multilingual support that facilitates interaction with the program). Don’t forget to put a checkmark in the virtual stores, in which the spaces in the future will be finding and installing the right apps. Typically, installation takes less than 5 minutes. It is accompanied by images of the popular Android app. After successful installation of the simulator on the PC performed the first launch of BlueStacks App Player.

How to use the program

When you first start before the user opens with a huge number of tabs. Don’t worry, because the program interface is very simple and straightforward. The player window can be scaled to any comfortable size. At the top of the window provides buttons to access the main settings and control the emulator. In the left side are tabs, responsible for:

  • access clipboard.
  • installing apk applications.
  • access to the file Manager;
  • activation reference assistant;
  • the sound setting;
  • creating screenshots of the screen;
  • activation of the function “shake”;
  • the activation of the accelerometer.
  • It should be noted that in full screen the sidebar becomes invisible.

Structurally, the design of the player made in the style of Android OS.
To run online applications, you must log in to your Google account. After that you can go to Google Play and download your favorite applications in two clicks. If you want to run the application from the installation file, then in this case in the left pane of the program click on the installation apk file and specify the path to the file.

System requirements

Before you download BlueMax on your Windows 10 PC or another operating system from Microsoft, you should familiarize yourself with the minimum system requirements needed for a comfortable operation of the program.
To start the simulator, you need:

  • PC is running an operating system no older than Windows XP.
  • Processor (CPU) not older than Intel Pentium 4.
  • The volume of operative memory not less than 1 Gb.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Windows 10.
  • 4 Gb of RAM.
  • Graphics card with installed 512 Gb VRAM and support for Open GL 2.0.
  • Multi-core CPU (AMD FX or Intel Core).

To summarize

The right to possession of the product owned by a successful businessman Reason the Charm. He is the Creator of a number of companies, which was subsequently purchased by major companies, such as Google, Microsoft, McAfee, and. App player has a very great potential. Work on improving the simulator does not stop even for a day.
It’s safe to say that Bluestacks is a truly high-quality software product which allows two mouse clicks to run almost any Android app. The program features an intuitive interface and unobtrusive menu that gives you the opportunity to focus on your favorite games and programs.

To download BlueStacks for PC go to this link.

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