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Emulator Andy

Emulator Andy

A large number of Android games are pleasing, but installing them on your smartphones, you can’t always appreciate the beauty of the graphic details?

And sometimes, no matter how large was the screen of the device, it is difficult to find encrypted in pictures the answers (especially when it repents of puzzles in the style of “search objects”)? Because of this you would like to see your favorite gameplay on your computer?

If you have ever had any such desire, you should know that to run the game on PC possible. For such purposes, developed a special emulators. With their help almost every Android application is installed on a personal computer and works well.

One of the brightest representatives of adapting programs is Andy. This emulator will open up opportunities for the installation of predominantly all the games from the Play store. Of course, to obtain this access, you must devote time to the installation process, and if all actions were done correctly, then you can very quickly download the new items and rate them on a computer screen.Emulator Andy app

Andy, How will this work?

After all the necessary files will be in the memory of your computer, it will appear virtual gadget namely Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. To manage gaming processes on this pseudo-tablet with the mouse and keyboard. If necessary, for some cases, you can synchronize your smartphone with your computer (if the game requires accelerometer or other reasons).

This possibility is provided by the developers. At the time of installation our gadget will be empty (just like a real device after purchase), but all the settings are done just once, and then just use all the information provided to us.

With Andy we will be able to run Android apps on PC, download them, and if necessary, to remove. The convenience is that after all the tuning work on our virtual device will appear in Play Market, and on the pages of this resource you can find all the necessary information.

Emulator Andy for android

Andy, How to open the emulator on your computer.

If you have Windows 7 or later version or Mac then everything is possible. Go to the official website . Before you will appear on the screen picture of a laptop, and on the left side you will see a green sign that says “Download”. Clicking on it, you zapusteyut the application installation process. It inherently contains all the necessary files (including Virtual Box), so you don’t have to search and download something extra.

When the program turns on the PC, we recommend to restart the computer. After that you can start customizing your tablet computer. The first launch should be accompanied by the correct actions. For example, to select the primary system language, which is convenient for you.

Can not do without a Google account (username and password), it is necessary to get access to Google services. It remains to understand the control with the mouse and keyboard (the left button on the mouse simulates touch by the finger, and the right means the action of “back”). If you have, for example, a tablet with Windows, then touch screen will work without problems.

Make your individual changes.

If necessary, you can add some more languages. Also, if desired, change the size of the virtual screen (default is 1280×800 pixels), you can Control camera and microphone (to enable and disable it).

Emulator Andy will be a real helper for those who prefer to play games on the computer. It is important that you install this application is absolutely free, and use it at any convenient time for you. You need to understand all the possibilities once and then for a short time to access the gaming innovations at a convenient for you personal computer! Good luck using this program!


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