Wedding rings on The Fashion and Trend

You may have enjoyed the engagement party and the ring that he gave you, but there is another ring that will surpass the value of the first. This is the ring that both you and your partner are going to wear as a sign of your union. It is priceless since, its value is not monetary like any kind of jewelry. It is the symbol that you have both committed yourself to each other. And it will be there as a constant reminder of the vow you made. Your wedding rings on

So, here is the latest fashion and trends of wedding bands to help you out in case you have not decided on what design you should be picking:

The traditional plain bands

This is the plain and simple band used traditionally by our parents and grandparents alike. The unending circle symbolizes marriage to last for a lifetime and even beyond. But though the band may seem to be plain, the design can still be made based on the surface pattern.

The Stacked Wedding rings

The latest fashion when trying to capture different metals and colors is by combining rings together either in pairs or in threes. Placing these rings on top of the other or side by side makes it so fashionable and unique. It is still a single ring at its finality but the shades vary. Others allow a space for additional rings after their 25th or 50th year anniversary.

Use of colored gems

Brides may want some stones added to the wedding rings on that they choose. There are colored gems that is getting popular these days while birthstones like amethyst, emerald and sapphire makes a personalize touch. White and yellow diamonds are making trends beyond the norm with a little of the pink sapphires. But in case the preference is still in pure white diamonds, the latest pave style is another trendy piece.

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