Things To Remember In Shaving Your Face

More often than not, it isn’t a good thing to go out on a date or go to a job interview with that shaggy beard on your face. As opposed to what others believe, this kind of look isn’t attractive at all, especially on occasions when you have to impress someone. If shaving is such a huge problem for you, here are several tips you can follow to achieve the best shaving result. First off, prior to shaving with a razor, trim your beard using scissors or a beard trimmer. When it’s time for you to shave, don’t forget to apply a warm, wet washcloth to your face to make it softer and prevent razor burn. It’s even better to put gel or oil on your face for better result.

In reference to, it is vital to ensure that your razor is sharp to prevent getting sore and prickly face with a dull one. While it’s advisable to use shaving cream, gel or soap for a smooth result, remember to apply it on your intended area to shave evenly. The best way to shave is to begin under your sideburns, pulling the razor gently in the same direction of your hair growth which is down, toward the jaw. While shaving, make sure to rinse your razor as often as possible. Once done shaving the jaw and cheeks, move toward your chin. The best way to shave from your throat to the chin, simply pull the razor from the throat to the chin. After shaving your intended areas, wash off the shaving cream on your face and check if there are missed spots.